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Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis answers

compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis answers

They are both necessary to support life, and they both produce Diploid cells in the game alpha 6 cho laptop first division.
The differences between mitosis and meiosis: Asexual (mitosis).
Meiosis II doubles the number of cells to give 4 X haploid gametes.
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Full Answer, at the beginning of mitosis, chromosomes become visible in the nucleus of the cell.DNA replication only occurs once, before Meoisis.Like mitosis, the nuclear envelope disappears and spindle fibers form to align chromosomes and pull them to opposite ends of the cell.Meiosis produces sex cells (sperm), which are key in reproduction of multi-cellular organisms.And those two daughters in turn themselves reproduce via mitosis.

A small organism will appear, having only the basic functions for life, uncapable of doing anything else than live.
This is called random assortment where maternal and paternal chromosomes are arranged at random.
Prior to mitotic division DNA is replicated to produce two identical chromatids attached by a centromere.
Products (mitosis creates 2 cells out of 1 cell, meiosis goes the other way round - creating 1 cell out of 2 cells).
In metaphase I the chromosomes line up along the equator in pairs.Also, from a similar topic in Yahoo Answers (Which has a much better explanation) : Mitosis is a type of cell division to produce 2 X genetically identical diploid (2n) cells for growth and repair.Sexual (meiosis complexity (mitosis consists of 1 round, meiosis consists of 2 rounds).In prophase I homomolgous chromosomes cross over at points called chiasmata and exchange genetic material.The alignment of homologous chromosomes in meiosis is random, meaning that daughter cells can get chromosomes from either parent.Since their cells are differentiated, it is impossible for such an organism to accurately split into two.Meiosis ends much like mitosis, but instead of identical cells, the result is two distinctly different daughter cells.